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I love cinema but this is the first film that I've ever felt so strongly to post on the internet about in the hope that more people will have the pleasure. And tonight, totally unexpectedly like the film's plot , I have another favorite, "Plan B. By all rights Director Marco Berger's tale of an Argentina man's plan to win back his girlfriend by wooing her new love interest should have had me hitting the FF with its long, extended takes and silent montage sequences. I had my doubts about watching it, but after it was finished I was more pleased than hypercritical. In my opinion, the script has a few shortcomings, starting with the initial proposition: This is one honest film. It renewed my faith in love.

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Bruno's sexuality, however, is the one that is more ambiguous. It is romantic, even sexy - and does so without anything more sexual than a few kisses and guys sleeping in their underwear. I literally stumbled upon this movie and ,unlike all the movie trash out there this is worth your time. If you love good film take your time with this and relish it. Just finished watching this film for the 2nd time. So "Plan B" is a disappointment mainly because of the squandered opportunity it represents.

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With dialog that developed its ideas and a director who better exploited not only its comic but tragic aspects, the brilliant hook of the script could have resulted in another minor classic like "Parting Glances. Views Read Edit View history. As a closing comment on the overall production, I'll just say: So much talent around the globe! BUT keep in mind that, if the situation involves love, jealousy, or getting-back-at, and if it results in deviousness or hurtfulness toward another person, then you may find out the hard way that "B" can also stand for "B"ackfire or "B"oomerang. It does not get moody, it portrays very realistically how two people may deal with loving a friend. So "Plan B" is a disappointment mainly because of the squandered opportunity it represents.

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